Virtual Solutions to Overcome Lack of Customer Service Manpower with SnatchBot
News Nachrichten, 24/11/2017
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The idea behind the SnatchBot company comes from a man who had a vision. His name is Henri Ben Ezra and he became aware of what chatbots can do for the digital market and what kind of contribution they can make to revolutionize the way customer service functions. So, Henri developed SnatchBot, a platform that allows highly functional chatbots to be fashioned within a couple of hours, with no need for coding expertise. 

So, you must be wondering why SnatchBot is necessary for this field and what virtual solutions it can offer to the customer service department. How can chatbots reduce the need for additional manpower? Chatbots are creating a promising future for the field of artificial intelligence according to the SnactchBot team lead by Henri and Avi Ben Ezra and you’re about to find out why they are so useful for the customer service department. 

SnatchBot Can Begin the Interaction 
Henri and Avi Ben Ezra explain that when a company lacks the manpower necessary to take care of everyone who wants to get in touch with customer service agents, it’s inevitable that the company will start losing clients. Also, they say that there is nothing more frustrating or annoying than dealing with poor customer service. 

Well, if a company wants to keep its clients happy, it can simply direct them to a chatbot and thus drastically cut down the time needed to attend to everyone. Snatchbot’s chatbots are based on a clever conversational algorithm, so they will be able to quickly find out what a visitor on your page is in need of. 

As Avi Ben Ezra said: “The company began in 2015 with the goal of benefiting everyone, large or small; from helping big brands improve customer service to aiding independent entrepreneurs to reach higher levels of engagement.” 

Once the initial interaction has been dealt with, human agents can provide further assistance or answers to questions which require some experience. 

Lack of Emotion but an Abundance of Efficiency 
Although chatbots are currently weak on reading the emotions of the customer, they serve their purpose – their efficiency is indisputable. Because of the way SnatchBot was developed, anyone who gets in touch with you via this software will be provided with the best experience possible. 
The primary goal of SnatchBot, as Avi stated, is to help businesses increase their engagement – all companies, not only those that lack in customer service manpower, will enjoy these very same benefits.