More travel companies moving to chatbots for customer interaction
News Nachrichten, 16/11/2017
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In case you’d missed it, the rise of the chatbot is very much on trend in the travel sector. Around the world, particularly in Asia, many companies are racing to bring them to market, to speed up and improve customer service.

This month alone, South Korea’s low-cost airline Jin Air is the latest to add a chatbot to its website. It can answer questions from its customers about reservations and flight information. Fellow airline Asiana is also adding a Korean and English language chatbot that runs on Facebook Messenger. Passengers can track the usual information and also keep tabs on their mileage air points.


Rise of the travel chatbot

Week-by-week, travel companies can see the benefit in providing direct information in response to a passenger request rather than showing generic departure boards. Chatbots can be developed as part of an enterprise solution: Salesforce recently added Einstein Bots to its AI toolset, allowing access to CRM and business data to provide a joined-up service.

Plenty of specialist vendors also offer solutions. SnatchBot offers specific templates for airline customers as well as hospitality and brands to provide a quick-to-market solution. Chatbots can be deployed to websites, Facebook Messenger, mobile apps, Skype and other communication services for rapid delivery with a web-based analytics tool for monitoring.