Top 7 Best Chatbot Platform Tools to Build a Bot for Your Business
News Nachrichten, 20/11/2017
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Chatbots have exploded in popularity in 2017 and we give you the overview of the best bot creation platforms for business purposes.



What will make you different from the sea of other businesses that supply the market with a similar list of products or services is the way you treat your customers and clients – which is why it’s mandatory that you direct your efforts and funds to improving your customer support.

Naturally, funds can be problematic for most struggling companies, which is why it’s necessary that you come up with a solution that’s simultaneously cheap and effective. Both of these features characterize chatbots – which is why they are the future of customer support. 

However, companies that provide chatbot services are multiplying as we speak, so you might need some assistance when it comes to deciding on a brand. The following seven businesses have shown themselves as trustworthy in this field, so you should definitely check out what they have to offer.



People who built this revolutionary platform are visionaries – Henri Ben Ezra and Avi Ben Ezra consider chatbots to be predecessors to artificial intelligence. With SnatchBot, you’ll be able to build conversations that are easily converted to all devices, so that your customers can access you via smartphones, laptops, websites, or apps. 

The most amazing thing about this platform is that it’s free. Furthermore, considering the fact that it functions as an omni-channel solution, you’ll be able to use only this one solution to bring your customer service to a whole new level. 

After you’ve created your chatbot, you can simply publish it to all your channels, and integrate them to your website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, etc. Oh, and you don’t need any development skills in order to use SnatchBot – the platfrom is completely intuitive and simple to navigate. 

SnatchBot will enable you to create simple conversations, complex scenarios, insert action buttons, and even collect payments. If you don’t have any experience with creating dialogues, you can simply use instant bots from the store, and there is a large directory of user-made bots that keeps expanding every day. 

All in all it is the best all-around chatbot platform – it’s free, intuitive and easy to use, and the only chatbot platform on the list that works as an omni-channel solution, which is why it deserves the number one spot on this list. It’s definitely my favorite option, and it is becoming increasingly popular with companies all around the globe.



If your business draws the most sales thanks to Facebook, then you should learn more about ChattyPeople – they are all about Facebook commerce. This platform will work great if you want to integrate your business to Facebook and explore this market, as well.

With no coding knowledge required, you can create simple conversations that will guide everyone who gets in touch with you to your products or services. Another thing you should know about this brand is that it’s completely free in the beginning. So, you can test ChattyPeople and then pay for their services if you like what you see.