Chatbots in 2018, the backlash, the move to 2.0 and business reality
News Nachrichten, 06/02/2018
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Tech in 2018 is pushing new boundaries, and this is supposedly the year that chatbots rise high and become smarter. Let’s take a look at how that’s going so far.


The chatbot backlash

No technology can survive for long without getting trash-talked, look at the grief Apple, Facebook or Google get when making the slightest product change. Still, they’re in a better place than Bitcoin which is a political, legal and tech football being punted around the world with its value soaring and diving accordingly.

Chatbots are not immune to criticism, and the backlash and questions are starting. Is the technology nimble and resolute enough to overcome these issues?

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Digit founder Ethan Bloch in a piece on likens the chatbot interface to the DOS command prompt from early PCs. His company’s problem came when they removed a key piece of information from the user’s app and buried it in the chatbot.