ChatBots with Automated Speech Improve Customer Service
News Nachrichten, 14/11/2018
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Integrating voice activation with chatbots is the latest business innovation that is now available on a massive scale. Clearly this technological breakthrough resolves issues around one of the biggest expenses and risks for any business today: human resources and staffing.  When it comes to the liabilities and risks this brings to the success of your business, it pays to look at all the available alternatives on the market to make sure your venture thrives well into the next century. Staffing is not only one of the biggest fixed expenses but also one of business’ resources that cost the most in hidden expenses such as having to train in new staff when old ones decide to leave or retire, and having to put back-up plans in place to counteract unreliability and unforeseen eventualities.

Cloning Your Dream Employee

The fact is that good staff, and more so consistently good staff, is very hard to find and it can make or break the success of any venture and be the difference between just surviving and thriving.  With record employment levels – and an ageing population in many parts of the world, this is the very technology that will save economies from adverse demographic trends.

With the addition of chatbots to your business, it is like cloning your dream employee.  Yet there is a slight difference: we’re not concerned about them going on holiday, getting sick or retiring, or having a bad day and taking it out on your clients at the expense of your business reputation.  Added to that, your chat bot does not need a lunch break which means that you can offer 24/7 accessibility to your clients.

Revolutionary development with Snatchbot

Historically though, people like to deal with a human face or voice that can offer them empathy, someone that they feel can understand them, their problems and frustrations.  With early technology, programmers started off with very generic bot-like voices that had only limited response possibilities. Admittedly, early inventions was frustrating at the best of times, especially when you made contact to ask a specific question and got greeted with a “press 1 or 2” in a tin metal voice. The revolutionary development of the programming progress since, has seen a much more human like voice evolved with a multiple response capability.  Not only does it sound more human like offering the feeling of being understood and cared for, but also comes with an array of abilities to suit a wide variety of business needs and offers the fluent interaction that clients need.

With the latest advancement of SnatchBot you can now use the text-to-speech function to add a voice to your chatbot.