Does your business need an app or a chatbot?
News Nachrichten, 23/11/2017
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The choices for businesses continue to widen when it comes to their digital footprint. Everyone should have a website, but should they have an app, a dedicated mobile site or a chatbot?


The cold hard truth about apps

For most businesses, the terrible reality of apps is that no one will care about yours. Unless your name is Facebook or Amazon, your app has phenomenally small odds of seeing much adoption, even among core customers.

If your app mirrors website content, what’s the point of having a separate product? If it has some cool features or tools built in, how are you going to tell the world about them? Especially when competing with dozens of other apps that do the same thing? With thousands of new apps releasing each month, the chances of yours being a success are vanishingly small, and the chances of a return on investment are similarly minuscule.

Bots can act as customer support, support ticket management, translation or currency tools. Features can be added or updated live, and always accessible in the cloud. Updating an app is often costly and requires long periods of time, depending on your developer.


Piggyback your way to success

For most businesses, the key reason for an app is to provide information or to create a support or communications tools. However, it would seem logical that if the likes of Facebook and Skype, and their billion plus users have already done the hard work of gathering users together for you, why not build a chatbot that leverages that success?

Does your business need an app or a chatbot?

Your Chatbot will be visible to search, is accessible through websites and social media links. Also, it takes less time to build a communicative bot, literally anyone can do it, than an app. Leveraging services like SnatchBot ( or Sprout ( can create a chatbot for multiple services without the need to duplicate effort.

Using a simple and intuitive chat-builder tool, you can greet and guide visitors to a range of solutions or information through logical steps. Picking up on key conversational requests, the bot can guide a conversation easily. Not only can chatbots be useful, but fun and time-saving, with only serious requests for help being put through to customer service points of contact.

With the chatbot easy to run on multiple platforms, it will take some time to build one that can address all the queries your business usually comes across, but the brilliance of a chatbot is that it can be updated to address new types of request at any time.