SnatchBot races ahead of all other Chatbot Platforms

SnatchBot races ahead of all other Chatbot Platforms

SnatchBot Team SnatchBot Team, 18/05/2020

SnatchBot races ahead of all other Chatbot Platforms

When you want a quick comparison of chatbot platforms, there’s a major problem, which is that almost all the articles that are easily available via web searches are paid for. Here at SnatchBot we get solicited almost weekly from online magazines and blogs, inviting us to pay for a place in their rankings with the cost for this varying according to the spot you want on the rankings. This monetization of comparison websites creates a major problem for the user wanting a genuine assessment of different chatbot companies.

The best comparisons are the ones you make yourself, of course. And we encourage all prospective users to jump right in and create a free account on ours. We think our strengths lie in five key areas:

The easiest chatbot platform to use

Back in 2015, when the company was founded, one of our essential goals was to make the creation of chatbots something that anyone could do, without sacrificing depth of functionality. It seemed to us the time had arrived when it wasn’t necessary to be a coder to build chatbots, but a type of ‘drag and drop’ experience was possible. So we concentrated on creating a beautiful tool for the creation of chatbots, one that took the difficulty away and even made the challenge fun. What do you think? Did we succeed? As we’ll see below, 99% of users on, Inc are satisfied with our ease of use.

A chatbot platform with proprietorial NLP

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the process by which software can analyse a human sentence and understand it. A chatbot without NLP is limited to exchanges through pressing buttons and cannot effectively respond to someone typing (or speaking) freely. Again, it was important for us to provide state-of-the-art NLP but in a fashion that anyone could use it. A great deal of the planning and preparation of our platform ready for its 2017 launch went into getting the NLP ready. The user sees the tip of the iceberg: a simple tool that allows you to create your own NLP models, focused on your needs in the conversation. Underneath is a mighty piece of software engineering that allows you to train your models and give them near-human accuracy at understanding language.

Many other chatbot platforms depend on third party solutions for their NLP and this not only complicates chatbot building, it introduces a whole new set of risks around the relationship between these companies and the questions concerning data security. By working with us, our users are confident that everything is ‘in house’.

Chatbot platforms need omnichannel functionality

It has been clear for many years that the trend for people to use messaging apps rather than the web will continue to grow. Whether for watching media, getting news, sharing information, all of us tend to use our favourite messaging apps. So every chatbot platform needs to make sure its bots are available on Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Line, etc. For technical reasons, some chatbot companies have concentrated on just one channel: Messenger. Not only does this curtail user access dramatically, it is also a risk. When Facebook halted the deployment of chatbots on its messaging platform, many users were stuck without a plan B.

Other companies claim to be omni-channel, but the user has to rebuild their chatbot each time to suit the messaging app that it is created for.

We took on the challenge of making truly omni-channel chatbots and we solved it. SnatchBot users make just the one chatbot and then with a few clicks can launch it on over a dozen popular channels (and more are being added all the time).

Chatbot platforms need omnichannel functionality

The future of chatbot platforms is ‘voice’ chatbots

Back in 2018, SnatchBot met a large Japanese car company. Their vision was a car in which the driver could chat to the vehicle, in order to plan routes, change the music, the air conditioning, etc, without drivers having to take their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. We agreed. Already, we could see that future of chatbot would be people chatting to their devices and we had been working on text-to-voice functionality. After all, not everyone finds it easy to access small screens and small text.

By 2019, we had launched text-to-voice and soon afterwards added voice-to-text. Our chatbots are able to converse with their users in a variety of voices. Any comparison of chatbot platforms has to take this question extremely seriously. Without text-to-voice and voice-to-text the chatbot platform is unlikely to be future proof.

Which chatbot platforms have ready-made templates?

Another important question to ask when comparing chatbot platforms, especially if you have limited IT resources, is whether they have pre-built templates to give you the benefits of immediate access to the work of experienced chatbot builders. SnatchBot has a store in which you can browse over fifty templates and deploy them for free. Not only does this save you a great deal of time in getting started with your own chatbots, it also demonstrates techniques and features you might not have thought of using, but which suit your goals perfectly.

Which chatbot platforms have ready-made templates?

Which is the best chatbot platform according to unbiased user reviews?

Here at SnatchBot we are confident we are the right chatbot platform solution for everyone, from small business to giant enterprise. What makes us think so is the feedback of our 70,000 registered users but it is always welcome when an independent source confirms SnatchBot as the top-rated chatbot platform. In particular, the scrupulous G2, who base their ratings on real users and pride themselves on offering a solution to the crisis of trust created by the paid market in software comparison articles, rate SnatchBot as the chatbot platform which has the highest overall satisfaction score, surpassing by a long way other chatbot platforms like IBM Watson, Chatfuel, Google cloud, Amazon Lex and Azure Bot. Thank you G2 users!

best chatbot platform according to unbiased user reviews

(image created by SnatchBot, not G2)