5 Free Ways to Have a Chatbot to Boost Your Customer Engagement
News Nachrichten, 24/11/2017
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Every business owner takes various steps in order to improve the performance of their company. No matter what niche you are in, it is likely that you are looking for ways to improve customer engagement significantly.

However, to successfully achieve this goal, you need to have a person ready to chat and engage with customers at all times. Given that this is actually impossible, especially once your customer base significantly grows, it is a much better option to find a workaround that allows you to achieve this goal.

This is where chatbots become a very good alternative. They offer decent levels of communication, that will allow you to engage with your customers. Let’s take a look at a couple of free options that will allow you to easily implement a chatbot to your business.

Flow XO


This platform comes with an abundance of templates, making it easy to create a chatbot specific to your needs. Whatever industry you are in, you will be able to make use of this platform, as it comes with plenty of options. One of their strong points is the integration support for over 100 different channels.

This makes it possible to utilize this tool simultaneously on several different communication channels, providing a possibility to improve customer engagement in different ways, with your sales team, customer support, or any other channel through which customers choose to get in touch with you.


Beep Boop


This is an option for those who rely heavily on Slack integrations. Even before you start building any chatbot, it is first necessary to integrate both Slack and Github, for starters. The only free plan is “Tall” and it supports the integration of only 3 Slack teams.

Given that many features only become unlocked once you have upgraded your plan, this option might be more preferred for those who are willing to make initial investments during the bot creation phase.





This is a very user-friendly option that comes with support for drag and drops bot creation. Anyone with a little bit technical background can easily create a chatbot using this platform. The platform heavily boasts its analytics support that can help you determine the effectiveness of each of your chatbots. It is a great feature for those looking to improve customer engagement, as it makes it possible to easily track progress.

Also, there is the broadcast feature that will allow you to reach out to all of your customers simultaneously, which can be useful for increasing engagement. It simply makes it easier to make announcements and share offers.

Through plugins, the platform ensures easy integration. For example, RSS feed and JSON API are some of your options.




If you are looking for a way to simply build a chatbot across a variety of different channels, this is a great option. The whole platform is completely free, and more importantly, extremely user friendly. You will not need any coding skills in order to create a chatbot for your business.

The supported channels include Slack, Viber, WeChat, Facebook, and many other channels of communication. This will enable you to practically deploy a chatbot onto any channel you use to communicate with your customers. All it takes is a simple registration and you are ready to start implementing a chatbot in your business.

If you want to take it to a higher level, the system supports complex editing and improvements. Therefore, don’t think that simplicity leads to any boundaries when it comes to this chatbot; you can continue adding as many functionalities as you like.




This platform is extremely popular due to the fact that it is used by Forbes, as well as NFL and NBA teams. It is easy to use, and the reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it comes with over 20 plugins, making the integration process significantly simpler.

Furthermore, the whole platform is user friendly, and it also supports the broadcast feature.

In order to acquire analytics features, your chatbot has to interact with more than 3 customers. Once you take a look at the analytics, making small improvement will help you improve the chatbot over time.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. Carefully review each of these platforms, and pick one that suits your needs perfectly. If you really want to increase customer engagement, using one of these bots makers is definitely the right choice.

What is more important is that, once you begin, you can work with analytics to build upon and improve your bot with a variety of automated answers. The more time passes, the better it is going to behave in terms of interaction, resembling a true form of human communication.