How airlines are using chatbots to take their service to a higher altitude
News Nachrichten, 28/11/2017
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The airline industry is one marked by fierce competition and a reputation for lacklustre customer service. It seems that every day brings some new story about delayed flights or rowdy customers. With prices between competing airlines varying only slightly, service and experience is a significant differentiator. Often, it can be the difference between creating a loyal customer and creating one who spreads their poor experience to other potential passengers.

Chatbots have presented themselves as a forward-thinking and capable way of elevating the experience of flying commercial. While applications (detailed below) vary widely by airline, it is undeniable that these chatbots have arrived — and are not going anywhere anytime soon.


How are airlines deploying chatbots?

Answering common questions

Even the most experienced traveller has questions to ask their airline. What gate does my flight depart from? What is the weight limit on checked luggage? When is the next connecting flight to Chicago?

In the past, these types of questions had to be handled by calling an airline. Doing so is inconvenient and eats up more of the customer’s time than necessary, creating a negative experience that both parties would like to avoid. At the same time, airlines must pay humans to answer calls and field these relatively simple questions. Or, customers could navigate to the airline’s website and spend a few moments searching around this unfamiliar space for the information they require.