6 Ways Chatbots Can Help You Run a Successful Ecommerce Business
News Nachrichten, 23/11/2017
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It is indisputable that any e-commerce website can be improved by utilizing chatbots. Bots hold such great potential that, one day, they might as well make human customer support obsolete. Still, let us not get ahead of ourselves and think how we can use them today.

One thing that is certain is that bots have advanced forward; they have evolved from a marketing or branding tool into a valuable asset that can successfully drive conversions or capture leads. Considering how almost any online store is a messaging platform in a way, it would be unwise not to start implementing chatbots.

Here, we will examine how chatbots can help your customer base grow and how they can increase the number of sales. Here are six ways how chatbots can help you run a successful e-commerce business.

It is becoming a trend

A chatbot is basically a messaging service that provides users with answers depending on their query. It is a simplified form of artificial intelligence that has a specific set of rules and functions.

Considering how chatbot can be accessed through messaging apps, like Messenger for example, and how people spent a great deal of time chatting online, having a chatbot can be an incredible competitive advantage.

Furthermore, chatbots are easy to set up and there are no complicated requirement or barriers that can get in the way, so all you need to do is decide to use one. The number of people that chat and shop via smartphones is on a constant rise and so too is chatbot use. Platforms like Snatchbot.me even allow you to create a chatbot for free. So it’s no wonder that they are growing exponentially.


It can perform sales presentations

6 Ways Chatbots Can Help You Run a Successful Ecommerce Business

People in the fashion industry clearly know what they are doing when it comes to chatbots. During the past holiday season, Nordstrom launched its chatbot that featured a high number of personalized questions that result in great gift suggestions.

This was so much more than a casual “Yes” or “No” approach since answers were accompanied by images of products which really helped drive engagement. The bot was integrated with Facebook’s Messenger as well, which made the whole thing even more accessible to their users.